Pure alfalfa bales of the highest quality, manifested in its characteristics. Important quantity of well-attached leaves to the stem, intense green color and excellent drying levels.
Pure alfalfa bales of the highest quality and great efficiency. Its characteristics are similar to racecourse first-quality bales but with a higher dry level at the stage of bailing. Interior moisture content is in its precise point.
Fresh, pure and clean alfalfa bales, weighting about 450 and 500 kg. 
Cottonseed’s main nutritional benefit is its energetic ration. It is not usual to find greater concentrations of energy, protein and very digestible fiber in one single product, all at a very convenient price in comparison with other feedstuffs.


Our company was founded eight years ago by Itai and Isaac Minuchin brothers in Rosario. We commercialize and produce alfalfa bales from Santiago del Estero province. Our fields are strategically located in Beltrán, city of previously mentioned province, due to its climatic conditions being the best in the country for production of this forage.

Throughout the years, our firm has put its dedication to produce outstanding bales for high- performance horses and that is why we work with strict quality policies and control of each of the bales.

Our efforts have led us to become leaders in the market and we are proud of being providers for racecourses, polo clubs and stud farms of important national influence.

In Green Feed SRL we are currently working for our products to reach the international market of bordering countries.

Our main goal is to maintain a continuing improvement. We believe in daily progress, active listening to our customers and best-quality bales are for us the basics to keep growing.


We are a highly experienced company in the alfalfa and cottonseed production and commercialization industry.

Our quality policy is strict and costumer-oriented. This policy is involved in every stage from weed control to post-baling process, when those bales that do not meet the required standards are discarded. This is how we can offer our customers a superb product at the best market prices as well as a continuing provisioning throughout the year.

We currently produce pure alfalfa bales used in horses stud farms and racecourses for competition animal´s; care and for smaller animals with specific feeding needs. An important fact to point out is that alfalfa bales represent the highest quality format, exceeding other formats of presentation of the alfalfa hay.

Bales provide energy and protein, and since they are long-fibred reinforced, they also provide a complete and highly digestible forage for animals. This is helpful for costs and  feeding management.

Our alfalfa hay is safe, clean,unmolded and adequately dried. Alfalfa harvest takes place at the precise moment of maturity, it is humidity free and so it keeps it´s smell and color. It lacks or aromatic or spiny plants, earth dust, toxic species or any other species that are not valuable for forage. Leaves are well attached to the stem which is medium size and soft (not woody-like). The alfalfa is compacted in bales tightly fitted with threads.

We are a growing leading company and it is the goal of GREEN FEED SRL team to meet every customer´s requirements; that is the engagement that allows us to make the difference in the market and encourages us to reach higher levels of performance. This is how we can assure quality for winners.




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