Fresh, pure and clean alfalfa bales, weighting about 450 and 500 kg.  Dimensions: 0.7 m wide x 0.90 m high x 2 m long. (Length may vary as per client´s request) The main advantage is the cost-effective transportation thanks to compression level and stowing. They can also endure through time, even up to three years if preserved indoors and dry. We offer two Megabales qualities: Regular 1st Quality (used specially for feedlot and milking parlors where they are can be rationed and mixed with other components in animal food) and Racecourse 1st Quality (mainly for horses´ stud farms).

Results analysis

SettingsDry Basis
Moisture  12-14%
Crude Protein  19-22%

Maximum ADF Fiber

Maximum NDF  41%
Calcium  1.60%
Fósforo  0.40% 
EM  2.3 Mcal/kg MS 
Maximum Ash  11%

*Dry Bases



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